Knowing The Future

~Ariel Bar Tzadok

"Before destruction, a man's heart becomes arrogant, but before honor is humility." Proverbs 18:11

Let me be blunt. Your life is a lie! Everything that you know and think you know is but a shadowy reflection of truth. Not you and not I knows the actual truth about life, the universe and everything. All we have are small fractions, none of which add up to any real whole number.

How many of us remember the rules of adding fractions? Math rules state that when adding fractions of unequal denominators, that a common denominator must first be found. In math, finding common numbers is easy. In life, however, finding the proper common denominator is an arduous and sometimes impossible task.

This is why, when we penetrate deep enough to contemplate the truth of anything, nothing in life makes any real sense. Thus, in the end, we are forced to acknowledge that in reality we know nothing and everything that we think we know doesn't add up. In math, if the numbers don't add up, then the answer is wrong. So too is this with everything else in life. Being that we do not have the proper common denominator to add things together, every answer we derive is by definition not the absolute proper one!

The mind of every human being is somehow infected by what the Bible calls the forbidden fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, Good and Evil. Knowledge is what we think. Thus, what we think is blemished, contaminated as it is by the confusion between good and evil. Many people believe ideas to be good that are in actuality evil. Of course, the opposite is also true, some people consider certain things to be evil, that are in fact good. The human mind is easily deceived and confused. The forbidden fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, Good and Evil has done its share of harm.

While the mind of man, individually and collectively is blemished and confused, the human heart can still partake of the fruit of the Tree of Life and be reborn, revived and resurrected. Although there is an angel waving a sword of fire blocking access to the sacred tree, nevertheless, access is granted to those of "pure heart and clean hands." The blemished mind may not understand this, then again, the blemished mind rarely understands anything. Yet, deep within, the heart knows. Deep within, those who silence the objections and chaos of the mind are entitled and enabled to hear the still, silent voice arise from within and direct one in the paths of God and life.

Many people talk about God and claim to represent Him and His truth. Many are willing to act in many inhumane ways to prove this. Yet, God's Word is the Word of Life. The Word of Life does not bring death and darkness, it brings Light! Those who live by Light embrace a life that seeks to unite God's creation under the banner of the true common denominator. No mind can know this. No idea, belief or doctrine can figure this out and explain it to others. There is a mystery here.

The mind is confused, but the heart that embraces Light and Life can be made to understand that which the mind cannot. In such a case, words cannot describe truth, but even without words, what is known is known. It is embraced and lived. The mind cannot solve the mystery, but the heart can.

There is a time and a purpose for all things under Heaven. There is a time for illness and there is a time for healing. Today we are in the days of illness. But in not too many tomorrows, the time of healing will come. Those who are sick will be healed. But the illness itself, will cease to exist. The illness will die, so that we can live.

All we must do now is chose. Which are we? Are we part of the illness, or part of the cure? Our minds and thoughts cannot answer this properly, because there is no common denominator upon which to form an answer. If we chose to contemplate the question, then we must let the answer arise from within our hearts. Individually speaking, is each of us part of the illness or part of the cure?

In our arrogance, we are each convinced that our way is right and that our views, beliefs and doctrines are the correct ones. We are convinced that God is on our side and that equally God is not on the side of any who oppose us or dissent from us. Such elitism is arrogance. The mind embraces this arrogance and the heart is taken along for the ride. When this happens hope for change is lost and the fate of said individual is sealed. One who has succeeded in corrupting one's heart, silencing it from hearing the still soft inner voice, is doomed. Such a one is part of the illness and the illness will soon be removed. The time of healing is coming and the ill amongst us will not survive. This is, in the end, their own choice. It is not like they have not been warned.

Collective humanity today is heading towards a global disaster. It will not be avoided because it is only natural that it comes. The illness must be healed. This is the natural order of things. Therefore, the closer we get to the destruction of the illness, the great becomes the arrogance in the hearts of those slated for destruction. Deep within them, their own hearts rise up against them and allow their minds to embrace deception. The more the mind embraces deception the faster that individual runs towards his own doom. Deep within, the blemished are led towards their cleansing, even though this cleansing means the death of their bodies and the release of their souls.

Honor awaits those who are humble. Humility is the acknowledgment of truth. This truth is that we lack the common denominator of life. As such, we follow Heaven and seek to unify all things in our best understanding of truth. Lacking the common denominator in life we do not leave this precious work to the activity of our minds and thoughts. On the contrary, we silence the mind, we remove question and doubt. We allow the heart to open to hear the still soft inner voice and in faith we follow its directives. The directives of Life take us to life and light. This is how we recognize the fractions of truth that we can indeed embrace in our present blemished state.

Humility is simplicity of thought. We do not try to make sense out of that which cannot be rationally understood. We cannot overcome the blemish of the forbidden fruit, at least not yet, not now in the time of illness. But when the time of healing dawns upon us very soon, we will see how our healing will take place. For now, how this will be must remain a secret. The blemished mind is not able to handle such information, so as not to be a further stumbling block before those already blind. Certain knowledge is reserved for the "pure of heart and clean of hands."

There is only one guaranteed safe haven for today and anytime in the future. This is God's holy Name YHWH. This Name alone is the One that God, the Creator revealed Himself. God Himself said this is His Name when He said, "I am YHWH," (Ex. 20:2).

This Name alone contains the promise of salvation. "And it shall be, in all the land, says God (YHWH) two parts in it shall be cut off, and die, but the third shall be left in it. And I will bring the third part through the fire, and will refine them as silver is refined, and will try them as gold is tried, he shall CALL UPON MY NAME and I will answer him. I will say, this is My people, he will say YHWH is my G-D." Zechariah 13:8-9.

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