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Everybody is invited to this bonfire. 
Throw all your questions.
Throw all the answers as well.
Throw all your cares.
Have that much courage.
Say I have no time for answers anymore.
Put everything into this fire.
And do it now also.
This is the instant way.
Throw everything now.
No practice,
No philosophy.
But who can do it, you see?
Be willing to be completely empty.
Don't even be a woman or a man.
Don't be a seeker.
Don't be anything.
Don't say any more prayers.
Don't chant any more mantras.
Don't go on any more pilgrimages.
Leave everything, because up till now even your seeking is an avoidance, another excuse of your mind not to discover the ever-present truth.
Our minds want to say a lot about truth.
But nothing it says is true.
You are here before the mind.
You know it's ways.
This is why I say 
throw everything in the fire right now.
It seems very drastic, my words,
but they are totally powerful.
Why keep walking around with the mind on your back?
Put him down and walk away free.


26th of March, 2013

Whatever is going to happen, will come to pass.
Whatever does not ‘happen,’ cannot come to pass.
Can you find that in yourself that doesn't happen and does not pass? 

It is without beginning, middle or end.
The non-happening is more importan
t than the happening.
When the non - happening is recognized this will be your biggest happening.
Wake up to that which never sleeps.
Sleep is a happening.
But It, the Real doesn't happen.
Something in you knows what I am speaking.
Find and be that.


[Rishikesh, India, 15th of March 2013]

Recognize the natural silence of your own Self.
Silence is not a behavior.
Silence is not a practice.
It is the natural perfume of being.
Trying to be still is not stillness.
Find that stillness inside, which simply Is.
There is no one to practice it.
It can only be recognized.
It is here.
It is not hiding.
It is not hurried.
Simply stop identifying with the past, future, present or with any self image.
Be open to being nothing.
No thing. So that internally you are simply like a space.
But this is not an inert space, but a space full of aliveness.
Still don't define yourself as aliveness.
Don't define yourself at all.
Simply remain in natural self - attention.


[Rishikesh, India, 14th of March 2013]

Every time I come to Satsang, I come to meet the Buddha.
And what I see here is a field of Buddhas.
I don't see anyone who is not the Buddha.
When I speak about Buddha, I am not speaking about the person, but the pure spirit of Being – one
who has transcended all that the mind brings up and has used everything as instruments to recognize and be the Self itself.
Whether you want to call it Buddha nature, Christ consciousness, Siva being or Krishna light ... it's all the same.
In Satsang, your mind is directed again and again to its own source, to that Buddha nature itself.
You recognize: I am just here, but you see that this one has no name.
In this inmost place, this undivided place, what is found cannot be shown phenomenally.
You can only recognize: I am That.
And it is imperishable.
Offer up your whole life, your entire existence for self-discovery.


[Rishikesh, India, 10th of March 2013]

Once one yogini was meditating and inside her mediation the most beautiful music arose, but there is no orchestra.
It just arose inside of her. She realized: This music is very beautiful, but I am here to hear it, therefore it cannot be wh
at I am so she remained inside her meditation and the music faded away.
Then came the most beautiful colors, shimmering with so much luminosity and brilliance - no painter could paint a painting so beautiful. She thought: This is so magnificent, but it cannot be the ultimate for I am here to perceive it all.
Then this painting also faded away. She remained undisturbed.
Next appeared many beings shaped out of light swimming towards her with faces full of light and beauty, but as soon as she recognized them to be appearances they too vanished and she remained unified inside her meditation.
And finally she awakened completely to the Truth.
Be like her—free of identity.


[Rishikesh, India, 9th of March 2013]

There is an empty room,
come fully inside.
There are no stories here.
There is no past or future here.
No relatives.
No names, no forms, time, no self.
Don't be in your head now.
Listen from another place; a holy place deep inside your being.
All the things you once talked about are outside now.
This is a room without walls. No door.
Nothing lives here.
It is not a dead space.
It's your true place and Being.
The mind will try to say something like:
‘You cannot stay here,’ or ‘There is nothing here for you,’
but this voice is also phenomenal, while you are not.
Therefore, touch nothing.
Pay attention only to your unmixed self now,
not the personal sense of self.
Personality is only a garment worn by the Self
for a duration called a lifetime.
The body also is just a garment worn for the time being.
Rare is a human being who comes to this place
which cannot be divided;
that cannot die,
where one is naturally happy,
where there are no beginnings or ends.
It is the most pure—immaculate.
From here ego and world arises as fleeting images,
but the Real does not arise.
It permeates all yet nothing permeates it.
Leave everything.
Be here.


[Rishikesh, India, 8th of March 2013]

There may come a time, when people close to you will challenge you. Maybe you are experiencing the greatest peace you have ever experienced in your life, but still they are worried for you. You are happy and they are not, but still they are worried for you. They even meet together to discuss what is happening to you. You are happy, but they say that maybe you need to see a psychotherapist, because to them you don’t seem to be your old self, the one they project you to be.

No one will understand you, not even the priests, because inside you don't belong to anybody.
So you have to be strong inside so that even if the whole world should reject you, you will say: ‘Thank you, this is fine, but you can never know me.’
Bless them with love and continue walking in the light of your own way.


[Rishikesh, India, 6th of March 2013]

Throw your ego-ridden mind into the sulphuric acid bath of pure Satsang.
All your concepts are fizzing away until you come to know nothing at all.
Who or what are you? Where do you come from? Where are you going? What is real or unreal and
how to fully know?
All this, you don't know, but still, somehow, you are supremely happy.

Are we open to such a discovery?


[Rishikesh, India, 5th of March 2013]