The Meaning of Life and Being Our Deepest Being

What is the meaning of life? 

A. H. Almaas: The meaning of life does not come from what happens in it. We do not experience genuine heart satisfying meaning of life by being happy or satisfied by something happening in our life. Or by accomplishing something important. These give us a taste of the meaning of life.

But the meaning of life that I have known and lived with has something to do with something more basic, something closer to us. It has to do with being ourselves in the deepest way possible. It is knowing and being our deepest being. It is our true and deep being that is actually the meaning of life. Our in touchness with this basic depth that makes us human, by being this true center of what we are, the question of meaning of life is answered.

It is not answered by words or understanding. It is answered by the feeling itself. The recognition of our true being, at the very heart of our consciousness, is the true meaning of our life. At least it gives our life meaning. Without it our life can never have the meaning we are looking for.

Falling Into One's Nature 

Meaning is not something we can get to with our minds; it is not an answer found in the mind. It is not an ideal or an image we're fulfilling. It is not a result of anything. It is just falling into one's nature. To be able to simply fall into one's nature, is, however, not easy. It is the most difficult thing there is. It takes perseverance, patience, sincerity, and compassion for oneself. And it may take a long time. [Diamond Heart Book III, p. 48]

The Meaning of Life is You 

When you know yourself, when you realize your true identity, the meaning of life does not come to you in the form of a conceptual answer to a question. It is not an answer in your mind. It is you. The Presence, fullness, and intrinsic preciousness is directly experienced; it is not in reference to anything else. It is complete autonomy; only the experience itself can give a taste of this satisfaction. This experience of self-realization is the answer, in the sense that it ends the drive. It is true absence of seeking. [Diamond Heart Book III, p. 45]