Spiritual Mediator

A spiritual mediator mediates between heaven and earth.
Only possible after a long-term process of contemplation.
Surrender to God, the Divine Force can work through our vessel.
We become a mediator, with nothing of ourselves.
Helping to change and heel the world.

Letting go of attachments.
Purification of our being.
Breaking down the false self.
Kenosis. Becoming empty.
The inner consciousness flies open.
The soul is born.

Awareness without identification.
Being in contact with everything in this strange world.
Grounded like a mountain.
Not identified with all sort of different impulses.

Practicing contemplation again and again.
God is cutting through my illusions.
I have a lot of illusions.
There is ignorance.
I am not seeing things from a whole,
but from a dualistic perspective.
I am identified with what is happening,
seeing it as 'me' or 'mine'.

Be aware of this very forceful attachment.
Be totally open to the Source.
God is doing the work and the purification.
It is not about improving my life and to be in control.
I don’t see it as self-realization.

It is service.
To serve the Divine Inspiration.
I have to turn myself around.
It is called Metanoia.
Changing one's mind and becoming a new being.
Ego is not in the centre anymore.
The soul, or Ruach, is awakened in the heart.
We surrender to God.
It is dying. A mystical death.
Anxious, wonderful and mysterious at the same time.

I remind myself that God is directing my journey and prayer,
breaking down the barriers and purifying my will.
I try to keep God in view, all the time.
Not an easy task, I often forget.
But this remembrance is not of my doing.
I have to be totally receptive, like a mirror.
It is the essence of 'Dhikr' or Remembrance of God.
Gelassenheit or Letting go.

Dhikr or Gelassenheit is the practice of God Himself.
The Breath of the All-Mercyful.
Who humbles man and is penetrating our hearts,
with a gentle heat or an arrow of light,
restoring the balance in life.

~Kees Voorhoeve

Foto:  Horus as Spiritual Mediator
Louvre,  Paris

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