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Tara Brach

Brad Warner
Noah Levine
Rick Hanson


                   Tara Brach: The Blessings of Soul Recognition 
                   Brad Warner: Desire and Happiness
                   Noah Levine: The Heart Practices
                   Rick Hanson: The Noble Eightfold Path: Right Mindfulness

Bliss Feels Like Shit

"This is why quick and easy methods of experiencing spiritual bliss or achieving altered states of awareness are ultimately damaging and a colossal waste of time and money. Achieving spiritual bliss and altered states of awareness are just more ways of giving in to desire. Your desire for bliss or altered states is satiated for a little while, but then it comes back again even stronger and you have to make even greater efforts to achieve it, or else simply suffer for the lack of it.

Bliss will always make you feel like shit after a while."

~ Brad Warner